Auctionhouse iPad App

  • Year: 2012
  • Category: iOS Software Development

We were lucky to be approached by our friends Kettle NYC, to partner very early on in the company’s history to help them develop the first version of the Christie’s iPad app. Kettle’s UI design was second to none and combined with our programming knowledge we made an app which was one of the first iPad apps to be featured by Apple on the original iPad.



Users could browse live and upcoming auctions, watch feature videos, zoom into lots and browse print catalogues. We also did a number of special edition iPad apps which were used on Kiosk iPads and given out to customers for special sales such as the Hong Kong Wine Sale.

Goal Oriented and Evolving

The app was aligned with the business directions and intentions laid out by the client and over the next few months from first release we delivered several optimisations and feature additions to the core version as new functionality became available on the iPad. Ultimately after three fruitful years as the project grew to incorporate third party functionality like catalogues, we optimised the code and handed it over to Christie’s.

Our stamp

The app became a large part of the digital footprint for Christie‚Äôs which was largely reliant on print catalogues when we started. Today it has changed the auction-house experience worldwide for millions of buyers and we’re very proud to have played a role in doing so with our friends.