Battleships Crowd Gaming

  • Year: 2012
  • Category: Installation / Projection Mapping / Game / TV

Crowd based Fun & Games

Channel 4’s Gadget Man had a Fun and Games themed episode coming up and we were tasked with coming up with show’s payoff. We were to come up with a concept for a crowd based game that could be picked up fairly quickly and played on a massive stage. We quickly knocked up several concepts for the types of games which crowds could play collectively and competitively. We then built little prototypes of these or mocked them up where to play test the concepts and see which were actually fun in a small crowd.


Battleship Inspiration

We were inspired by the concept of having two opposing boards such as the interaction in the game of Battleship and after settling on the rough format of a game and the types of interactions it could have, we had to scout for interesting locations that we could project a game onto where a crowd could see the game from a distance. Due to the constraints imposed on us, we added a realtime element and the ability to control the action through your mobile phone.

Participants could use their phones to join teams and in quick successive rounds each player on each team would select which part of the building to destroy next. The concept was that the crowd could compete to destroy the glass facade of a building to reveal its circuitry underneath, several weak points indicated by glowing orbs gave the team who found them first a distinct advantage.

This was one of those projects where we genuinely had a tremendous amount of fun and met one of our favourite celebrities. Stephen Fry!