Battlefield 3 Simulator

  • Year: 2011
  • Category: Consultancy / Installation / Immersive

What makes an experience truly immersive. Through our relationship with the production company behind the Gadget Show we were asked to come up with ideas and a quality benchmark for creating the Ultimate Battlefield Simulator. We helped them source some of the companies that would have to come together to make this simulator a reality. In doing so we put our own stamp on it too adding a mix of accessible technologies and cutting edge ones.


This was a team effort and each company took a small piece of the simulation and perfected it so that when everything came together it worked flawlessly. As well as the initial consultancy we also developed part of the system for the simulation. Using Kinect sensors we were able to accurately map the player in the space and translate their crouching and jumping motions to the game input.


The Battlefield Simulator ended up being one of the most successful and immersive stunts by the Gadget Show, with the episode being watched over 8 Million times in the first month or so of launch on youtube. Every major technology blog from Engadget to Kotaku covered it.

“Armed with naught but a pre-release level of Battlefield 3 and £500,000 ($650,000), it transformed a Birmingham studio into the sort of game room only multi-billionaires can dream of”


Sure, you may have a huge 3D HDTV, 7.1 surround sound, and theater seating, but it still pales in comparison to the insane setup that the folks from The Gadget Show created to make the “Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator.”