Eye Darts

  • Year: 2014
  • Category: TV / Invention

We don’t know why pubs in England feature darts boards or indeed whether darts should ever mix with a place where people get inebriated, but… we were about to embark on something equally risky. Something involving eyes and darts!

For an episode of the Gadget Show where the presenters pitted themselves against professionals and used Gadgets to score points, Rachel Riley challenged famous 80s darts icon Bobby ‘Dazzler’ George to a match of darts in his home.


So for this project, we developed a wearable eye-tracking system on a shoestring that allowed the wearer to look at a representation of a darts board on screen, the software then tracked eye movement and optimally aimed a crossbow rigged with a dart throwing mechanism at the dart board.

All Rachel needed to do was look at the darts board on screen make sure her target reticule aligned with the place she wanted to throw her dart and press a button to fire the dart when she felt she had a good visual lock on the target. We came up with the initial physical computing consultancy and collaborated with our friends from Robo-challenge on the pneumatics side to make the eye darts thrower a reality!