Pac-Man World Record

  • Year: 2013
  • Category: Game Installation / World Record / TV

We were approached by the Gadget Show to do something very special for the Gadget Show’s 250th Episode.

The Gadget show have a long history in breaking world records and after seeing our work for Gadget Man where we projected onto a building, one of the ideas they had was to try and project but on a very large scale to break the world record for the largest projection mapped game. To qualify of course, it wouldn’t be enough to just project an existing game without taking into account the architectural features of the building we were projecting onto. The game would have to be custom made. So with the involvement of the marketing director at Bandai Namco we received the original source visual material for one of the most iconic games updated and refreshed it for the constraints and possibilities of projection then we faithfully recreated a version of Pac-Man that could generate a map for any building feature we would throw at it.


That’s how we ended up as joint world record holders, for the the largest architectural projection-mapped game 2,218.65 m² (23,881 ft²) on the 18th of November 2013 in London.