Remote Controlled Mini

  • Year: 2014
  • Category: New Technology / Education / Immersive / VR

Driven to Distraction

In an extremely ambitious build, our friends North One wanted to create the ultimate car simulator for the payoff in their Britain’s Worst Drivers TV show. The idea was to show participant drivers how much being distracted could affect their driving in critical situations. The simulator went one step beyond most simulations which are like videogames and used video feeds from a real remote controlled car (a BMW Mini) out on track being controlled by the driver inside the simulator.


Unleash the Roboticists

Numerous video specialists and few roboticists were involved with us in the creation of the simulator, each with their own specialist input. As well as having a hand in the project concept development and production, our specialist input involved making the Simulator’s speedometer panels behave realistically in response to telemetry we were collecting from the car on the road.

Live Transmission

We worked out a clever and portable system that would collect data, transmit it back to the studio with minimal packet loss and lag. We took apart a mini Speedometer and retrofitted it with our own speedometer needle controlled by the data we were collecting remotely.