Medical Apps Consultancy

  • Year: 2016
  • Category: app consultancy

The design brief

Advanced Digital Institute (Health) came to us to deliver consultancy work to guide the user experience and user interface design for a suite of medical apps. One was focussed around helping patients prescribed with medication to adhere to their prescribed routine (a major problem in healthcare being non adherence to medication) and another separate project was delivering a component of a mental health services provision for Children and Adolescent Mental Health services. CAMHS.


Work delivered

We delivered consultancy and design services which shaped these apps. Our work ranged from consultancy on user experience design through to visual design an microcopy development and testing.


A lot of the work was focussed around understanding the needs of the end users intimately then coming up with solutions which are appropriate. A lot of the insight gathering was conducted entirely by our client and provided to us and in some instances we were involved in designing the activities that led to developing an awareness of the end user needs and preferences. There were opportunities for refining the solutions based on user feedback and iterating to develop solutions. This tailored approach in combination with the input of experts (clinicians and psychologists) allowed for each product feature to be well thought out and justified.