Number Mysteries

  • Year: 2011
  • Category: Apps / Education / Gaming

Back in 2010, we were approached by Harper Collins to create an app that would accompany Marcus du Sautoy’s book “The Num8er My5teries

This was one Harper Collin’s first forays into interactive mobile apps and for it, we designed and completed the app from the initial conversation to completion in under a month. Although companion apps are fairly commonplace these days and books come with their own digital trailers as standard, at the time this level of added engagement for a book was very new. The app which used hand crafted pixels and animations was programmed in Objective C and OpenGl and worked within the limitations of lower resolution iPhones. It was a real trial by fire for us especially considering the short timeline. Needless to say it was very exciting for us to have had one of our first big household name brands purely on the strength of our previous work.

Through the language of mini games some of the complex mathematical problems discussed by Marcus, it also enjoyed a little mention in the New York times.

“Rather than replicate the book, it complements it by enabling the reader to participate in animated mathematical puzzles featuring a cartoon version of Mr. Sautoy”

New York Times. November 29, 2010