Rolls-Royce Education

  • Year: 2010
  • Category: Games / Education / Edugaming

For Rolls-Royce’s programme of educational outreach activities. We helped design and develop two age specific game based learning resources for use online and within a kiosk setting. One was focussed on educating primary school children about the science of designing wind turbines and a Secondary school resource was aimed at giving a top level understanding of the main activities and stages of developing and marketing a jet engine for different markets through the guise of a micromanagement game.


Narrative and Interaction

In the primary school resource (Key Stage 3), our game allowed pupils to learn about wind turbines and the factors which affect their design, interactively.
With a variety of parameters which students could change, such as blade shape, blade number, orientation and wind turbine height and using actual scientific data from Rolls-Royce, the game would allow the player the ability to craft a wind turbine and test it within a virtual wind tunnel. By blowing into the microphone, students could see if it was efficient enough at generating energy for their town. Lively illustrations, and a narrative based delivery accompanied the pupil along the experience to keep them engaged and their inquisitive minds piqued throughout.

Narrative and Interaction


In the secondary school resource (Key Stage 4), we created an interactive story branching mechanism and several hundred hand crafted scenarios to convey all the stages and the variety of factors which could affect the design and development of a jet engine intended to be marketed. Complex concepts were explained plainly and a competitive grading system meant that players would come back again and again to raise their score. Each time they did, another layer of information was revealed to them about some of the complexities that affect design decision making in an aeronautical engineering context .


  • Lively illustrations and copywriting for kids
  • More mature interfaces for older teenagers
  • XML based update mechanisms- Scoring systems / reporting for teachers
  • On screen keyboards for kiosks
  • Scientific data embedded in game interactions