Teeny Tiny Rider

  • Year: 2014
  • Category: Game Development

Our friends Tall asked us to collaborate with them on producing a mobile and desktop game for the Yorkshire Building Society’s marketing campaign during the Tour de France lead up and main event.

They knew most visits to the campaign website would be via mobile so they wanted something which would create a buzz around cycling and engage visitors that little bit longer, our goal was to give them consultancy on what types of game would work and ultimately develop the game.

The game was simple to pick up and the gameplay addictive and fun and importantly optimised to run without any downloads. Players were presented with a top down view of the race, they had to avoid the obstacles and get as far as they could without wobbling off - the game challenge was increased by having water pickups which boosted your rider along and prevented them wobbling off due to dehydration.

At it’s peak the game had hundreds of players per hour and in total, 15,000 gameplay complete sessions were registered with players trying to get the best score and get on the leaderboard.