University App

  • Year: 2016
  • Category: Consultancy / App Development

In 2010 were asked by the University of Huddersfield to help them devise an app to make students lives simpler by providing the functionality they receive from the web portal and university website in an accessible mobile format. Shortly after, the app was nominated for a Times Higher Education award.

Since then we have delivered multiple iterations of the product for both iPhone, Android (Phone + Tablet) and iPad to the point it has become an indispensable part of the student experience.


This University app allows students to check their timetables, renew books from the library, check on the availability of resources and opening times as well as receiving important messages. UniApp’s continued development has been very user centric and extremely utility led, and the design was deliberately kept clean and minimal, because we wanted the tasks to be the main focus.


Check, Find, Do

All the interactions within the app conform to our philosophy of being able to Check, Find and Do within three clicks or less. As well as soliciting user feedback to guide development, we keep a very close eye on how the app is being used.

This ensures the app changes with the changing requirements of the students, and that speed, utility and simplicity of use are prioritised with each new feature or refinement.